One solution to all financial crime threats.

Businesses are concerned about crimes, but often don't know how best to prevent them. We believe that companies need to better coordinate their anti-fraud controls.

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The NOTO Platform


NOTO consolidates information from all data sources and provides real-time monitoring and alerts to help organizations to quickly reference high risk user behavior and transaction patterns.

AML & Fraud Prevention

AML Compliance

Profile clients across all products and verticals. Identify and prevent money laundering before it takes place.

  • Checkbox IconCustomer Risk Assessment
  • Checkbox IconWatchlist Screening
  • Checkbox IconTransaction AML
  • Checkbox IconMule Account Detection
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AML & Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Protect the entire customer journey. Accurately eliminate fraud with a multilayered monitoring and detection.

  • Checkbox IconAccount Fraud
  • Checkbox IconPayment Fraud
  • Checkbox IconFraud Alerts
  • Checkbox IconLoyalty Abuse
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The NOTO Platform

NOTO is an enterprise grade solution designed to address all financial crime threats.

NOTO helps anyone in payments to address all their Risk, Fraud and Compliance needs. It is data agnostic and uniquely flexible, and empowers its users to efficiently combat financial crime, minimize fraud levels and reduce manual overhead and false positive rates.


Trusted All Over The World

NOTO helps businesses worldwide to comply with local regulations and mitigate fraudulent activities swiftly and effectively.

40+ Billion
Transactions Yearly
75% Fewer
Manual Reviews
50% Less
Fraud Rates
40+ Active
Clients Globally
Global Clients


Our platform stands at the forefront of safeguarding companies across a myriad of industries against the ever-evolving threats of fraud and compliance breaches.

$Fintech Industry


Implement fraud prevention and AML compliance systems that keep pace with your business, ensuring strong ROI and great customer experience.

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$Crypto Industry


Develop a tailored fraud and AML strategy for the cryptocurrency realm. Protect fiat connections and partnerships with industry best practices.

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$Banking Industry


Centralize fraud prevention and AML with FRAML. Improve customer security through teamwork. Discover insights and optimize operations.

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$Gaming Industry


Manage fraud and AML across brands, platforms, and licenses globally with customized settings. Streamline payments and fraud team operations with one platform.

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$Payments Industry


Address fraud and AML issues comprehensively. Access thorough monitoring for merchants and offer a range of top-tier white-label fraud solutions to them.

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$E-Commerce Industry


Achieve precise fraud prevention with minimal friction and a high level of automation. Ensure impeccable compliance across brands and platforms.

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NOTO has a great team with excellent product and technical support. The platform has helped in enhancing our risk management process. Also, the addition of machine learning to our suite of products has further strengthened our accuracy in the real-time identification of fraudulent transactions.

Shashank Kalidindi Head of Risk Management at Paramount Commerce
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myPOS is more than satisfied from NOTO's product and services. The biggest advantage of NOTO is the fact that the system provides flexible solutions which are easily applicable and modifiable. In addition, the customer support team is always reachable and provides a variety of trainings aligned with the clients' needs.

Vasilena Goranova Head of Transaction Monitoring Unit at myPOS
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Excellent support service - timely and accurate. Thank you, keep doing services that way.

Desislava Yordanova Risk Systems Analyst at Sum Up
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NOTO has proven itself to be a robust platform, delivering intricate solutions that prioritize security. The team's expertise is evident in their approach to rule complexities and data intricacies.

Manuel Villamizar Product Manager at Rappi
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As Kantox grew, we needed to address the additional burden of the compliance team. We required a highly flexible transaction monitoring solution that would allow us to develop complex AML and fraud monitoring logic. We chose NOTO, and as a result we are able to more quickly detect fraudulent patterns and monitor suspicious activity more efficiently.

Ana Muschici AML and Fraud Prevention Manager at Kantox
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Luckily, all our needs were met by a single solution. The integration and introduction were smooth as well as post-implementation technical support. The new software completely changed the overall process and workflows within the Risk department in an effective and less time-consuming way.

Martin Marinov Head of Risk at iCard
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